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SewIn Weave Extensions
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Partial Sew-InFull Visible Part Sew-InFull Visible Part Sew-In (top)Full Visible Part Sew-In (back)
Sew-In (top out)Sew-In (top out)Partial Sew-InPartial Sew-In
Sew-In (top out)Sew-In (top out)Full Sew-In w/visible partFull Sew-In w/visible part
Full Sew-In with visible partFull Sew-In with visible partFull Sew-InFull Sew-In
Sewin with partSewinSewinSewin Full
Sewin FullSewin BraidlessSewin BraidlessQuick Weave
Quick WeaveCustimized Clip on WigFull SewIn Full Sewin
QuickweaveFull Sewin Bob QuickWeave
Bob QuickweaveSewinSewinSewin